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Every relevant era had its own strong symbol.
Now its time for a new one.

Sustainability Symbol Design Vision - Happy Energy = Happy Planet = Happy Future

A New Symbol

At the dawn of a new sustainable era, based on a positive, peaceful, pro-social view and a future-proof environmental approach, it is time to bring a new sign into the world: the universal symbol for peace, sustainable and positive energy.
'In human evolution, a sustainable lifestyle, positive thinking and social awareness of others, made us intuitively feel better.' - Erik Schoppen.


Erik Schoppen, Inventor, Designer and Founder Sustainability Symbol and Happy Energy

Design Vision

The sustainability symbol was created in 2010 by Erik Schoppen, because he saw in his research a strong connection between peace, positive thinking and sustainable living. As a sustainable neuroscience researcher and human-centered designer he developed the vision Happy Energy = Happy Planet = Happy Future and designed the new universal symbol for peace, sustainable and positive energy.
"You experience 'happy energy' when you think positive and choose for a sustainable lifestyle." - Erik Schoppen.

Happy Energy Movement

Happy Energy .org

Founded by Erik Schoppen, Wubbo Ockels, and Marleen Zoon in 2011. Happy Energy is an initiative that advocates a positive and sustainable culture, and which strives for a society that makes maximum use of recyclable products and clean energy, using the Happy Energy logo as the new universal symbol for sustainability. Happy Energy represents the human energy that you get when you go for a sustainable culture with a positive mindset. A culture that uses reusable products, clean energy and that maintains the natural diversity.

Erik Schoppen, Happy Energy The connection between Positive Thinking and Sustainable Living


On the 18th of november 2015 Erik Schoppen gave a special keynote 'The connection between peace, positive thinking and sustainable living' at EDST15 about his neuroscientific and behavioural research, symbol and vision 'Happy Energy = Happy Planet = Happy Future".
"We need a sustainable vision with a recognizable symbol, for all free to share." - Erik Schoppen.

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The symbol can be freely downloaded for non-commercial purposes*.

(*only for sustainable, environmental-friendly and pro-social initiatives)

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