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Cosmic Spring band

Cosmic Spring brings electronic music with a real 'live' touch. They bring such an incredible mix of obscure grooves and positive dance vibes that you can hardly believe you're listening to a live band. With their vintage synths, obscure SFX, full throttle basses, pounding beats, and hypnotic guitar repetitions, they take you on a musical journey to discover unknown frequencies in the Universe of Sounds.
Get in, lift-off and space out!


Our mission was to take you with us on a musical journey, discovering unknown places in your inner universe. Cosmic Spring was a live Psychoactive Trance formation of five musicians. Every performance was unique. The starting point was well-known, but the paths that emerged were yet unknown. The interaction between the musicians on stage created a startling mix of dynamics, warm harmonies, and dazzling twists, all based on very danceable grooves. Cosmic Spring invites you to hop aboard and to travel into the world of nods, grunts, bleeps, leds, obscure SFX and filtered frequencies.

We love old synths, obscure instruments, space distortions and noise enhancing stuff. Vibrant long threads of psychedelic notes, warm harmonies and cool flotations, hypnotic guitar repetitions, weird SFX, full throttle basses and lots of pounding beats. Apart from the positive vibes of our music, our quality lies in our live performances. We do not only bring lots of analog synths to the stage, we also blend rare electronics with 'regular' instruments and real musicians. Cosmic Spring brings electronic music with a real 'live' touch.

Synth-handling presentation by our Synth Expert Juda:

The Cosmic Spring Foundation was founded in 2009 and ended in 2014. The goal of the foundation, an environmentally aware and live electronic music collective, was the promotion and production of electronic music and software, and research into new electronic / digital sound technology.